Friday, March 25, 2011

FIGHT! Cops Brawl Over Turf

Hide ya wives, hide ya's a turf warf and someone should get shot! Last Friday, police officers from the Colwyn and Darby boroughs of Delaware County (that's in Pennsylvania) got into a fracas over which police department should have responded to an incident.

According to Fox29, What Had Happened Was: Last Friday afternoon a woman flagged down a police officer. She said a man had punched her friend a block away, knocking her to the ground. The police officer from Colwyn arrested the man as more officers arrived. The first officer on scene had crossed the border from Colwyn into Darby, which is another jurisdiction. Minutes later, Darby's police chief showed up. The chief began arguing with the Colwyn officer, who was sitting in his patrol car behind the wheel. On the video, you can hear other Darby officers trying to calm the chief down. But the argument escalates. The chief shouts, "get out of Darby," as the Colwyn officer gets out of his patrol car and then has to be restrained. All the while, the victim is still laying on the ground as emergency crews work on her. There's a pretty long history of bad blood between these two towns.
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