Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WATCH: Whites-Only Scholarship Kerfuffle, Televangelist's Lies Exposed

Former Majority Association for Equality, a San Marcos, Texas-based organization, is offering five $500-scholarships to applicants who are "caucasian, male, demonstrate a commitment to education, and substantiate financial need." Obviously, some folks find this to be racist. We don't. Listen, there are scholarships for blacks, Hispanics, people with disabilities or left-handed -- and everything and everyone in between -- so why do people object to this?

Lady goes in for surgery, leaves hospital with a new admirer and a "confidential settlement."

FIGHT! A white supremacists gets the ish beat out of him on Seattle's waterfront, reporter Shomari Stone (who's black) saves the day.

Televangelist Peter Popoff, who has been preaching about God and money for decades and attracts desperate people through ads he runs on BET and other cable and TV channels, has come under fire -- again! Popoff claims he has delivered miracles to hundreds of thousands of people supernaturally. He sends his followers mountains of mail, including small vials of "miracle spring water" and debt cancellation kits, then asks his viewers to send small donations. In return, he promises -- as a messenger of God -- to heal and unlock the secrets of financial security and wipe out all debt. Hold on to your chairs. Apparently, he's just a scam artist. A very wealthy scam artist.

Here's a sneak peak at Wendy's interview with Aretha. The full interview airs tomorrow.

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