Monday, February 28, 2011

Man Gets Artificial Anus

A Chinese man can finally live his life without limits, thanks to his new asshole.
A farmer from Jiayu county of Hubei Province has lived 55 years without an anus, after being born with congenital anal atresia in the Wuhan Union Hospital. But now doctors have reshaped a new fundament for him in January. Wu previously endured a 0.5-centimeter diameter surgical hole, or stomas, near his urethra for excrement, through which he could squeeze stools out with his hands. Wu had to pay attention to the food he ate, avoid constipation and was a frequent user of laxatives. The dilemma left him very thin but it did not prevent him getting married and having children. As his economic situation improved, Wu went to the Wuhan Hospital at the end of last year, where Dr Li Zhibiao examined him and framed operation plans. Wu accepted an artificial anus, and three days later, could excrete like normal people.
Hope he uses his new anus well. Ehaow!

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