Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Former NFLer Lawrence Taylor Must Register as a Sex Offender [Update: He Explains How He Picks Up Prostitutes ]

Former NY Giants great Lawrence Taylor, 52, was sentenced to six years' probation this morning after he pleaded guilty in January to sexual misconduct and patronizing the 16-year-old, whom he paid $300 for sex in May 2010.
Under the deal, Taylor doesn't get jail time, but has been hit with a $1,400 fine. He also has to register as a sex offender. State Supreme Court Justice William A. Kelly will hold a risk assesment hearing on April 12 to determine which sex-offender level to assign to Taylor. Sex offenders are labeled Level 1, 2 or 3 for low, medium or high risk. A state spokesman says the most obvious difference is that Level 1 offenders do not have their names and photos posted on a public Internet site. Kelly has indicated that Taylor will be able to see his grandchildren and continue charity activities where he comes into contact with youth. Taylor will serve out his probation in Florida, where he lives. The unnamed teen victim is also expected to give a public statement later this morning. Earlier today Kelly ruled that the teen couldn't read a victim impact statement in court because there was no felony conviction in the case and the defense had not been given a 10-day notice before sentencing, both required by law.
That victim is represented by Gloria Allred, so expect a civil case and lots and lots and lots of press conferences with lots and lots and lots of tears.

Update: After the court hearing, Lawrence went on Studio B with Shepard Smith to defend and explain himself and boy is it one rambling mess. He tells Shepard how he went about to solicit the prostitute (something he does often) and he doesn't card his prostitution whores. Hopefully, explained all of this to his delusional wife Lynette (pictured, above).

Update, April 12: A judge declared Lawrence as a Level 1 or low-risk sex offender, meaning his photo will not be posted online on public online sex-offender registries, but anyone who calls the state Criminal Justice Services Division can find out if a person is a sex offender.
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