Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lady Blames 11-year-old Girl Gang-Raped By 19 Men For Attack

Meet Sheila Hightower. She's a donkey. A poor, lost, ignorant donkey. Last November, an 11-year-old girl was brutally raped by 19 men, ages 14 to 27, in Cleveland, Texas. Over the next few days, video of the rape went viral around school. All of the suspects are black, so Sheila and other residents of the 7,500-person city are turning this into a race issue and blaming the way the sixth grader dressed and her parents’ lack of supervision in connection to her sexual assault. It was recently revealed that the attacks occurred over a 3-month period and the girl has been placed in foster care. Her parents, who are Mexican immigrants, had to relocate due to threats and have been ordered to attend group counseling in order to regain custody. If convicted, the suspects could face life imprisonment. Sidebar: This story of blaming the victim has even reached the pages of the New York Times, which placed blame on the victim, too. Under pressure, the paper was forced to re-write the story.

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