Thursday, March 31, 2011

Missing Bronx Zoo Cobra Captured

The poisonous Egyptian cobra that vanished from its quarters at the Bronx zoo last Thursday has been found alive coiled up in a dark corner of the Reptile House at about 9am during one of three daily sweeps by a half-dozen zoo workers. Using special tongs and hooks, they easily apprehended the deadly 20-inch-long snake. The cobra will eventually go on exhibit - which should be a big draw, given its notoriety. The Egyptian cobra's venom is so deadly that it can kill a full-grown elephant in three hours -- or a person in about 15 minutes, according to wildlife experts. The venom destroys nerve tissue and causes paralysis and death due to respiratory failure. Officials from the zoo say they were confident the pencil-thin 20-inch-long reptile was still somewhere in the House of Reptiles, not roaming the city.

Snakey-Snakey: Boy are we glad AccuWeather's meteorologist Jim Kosek (who's off his meds) didn't find the cobra. Crisis averted.

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