Thursday, March 31, 2011

Man Gets 3 Years in Prison For Sex With 7 Sheep

Kwaku Amable, who lives in Ghana and is married with two children, was sentenced to three years in prison after he was found guilty of bestiality. Last week, a farmer found the 36-year-old raping one of his sheep.
The complainant, he said, reared sheep at his backyard and for some time now, some of his animals had been dying mysteriously. “Within a month, seven of the sheep died,” Chief Inspector Baffour Kyei told the court. Last Friday, March 25, at about 12 midnight, Adamu heard one of the sheep bleating in the pen which compelled him out of the room to see what was wrong. He said the complainant got closer to the pen and as he was approaching it, he saw a pair of bathroom sandals in front of the pen and a towel hanging on it. “When the complainant entered the pen, he found one of the sheep lying very weak. He lifted it up to ascertain what had happened to it only to see some whitish fluid emitting from the vulva,” he told the court. The complainant was shocked after seeing the spectacle and decided to look round with a flash light to see who might have entered the pen. The complainant surprisingly found Amable hiding in the backyard garden behind the pen, with his penis dangling. Realising that he had been caught, the convict knelt down and started to plead with the complainant to forgive him for abusing the animal. He also pleaded with the complainant not to disclose the information to anybody. Chief Inspector Baffour Kyei said even though the complainant initially acceded to the convict’s request, he later changed his mind and reported the matter to the police.
Kwaku told police during his first sexual encounter with a sheep, he used a condom but during subsequent rapings, he didn't. The sheep probably developed infections, similar to the hogs who died after they were raped by this pervert.
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