Monday, March 21, 2011

WATCH: Boom, Boom, Boom, Wet Me You Say Weho! Weho!

Rebecca Black is so last week. I say boom boom boom wet me u say weho! Weho! We've been queening out to this all day. Weho!

FIGHT! Recognize this shit ASAP! Bloody Loco. ASAP!

FIGHT! Meanwhile on a bus...(Sidebar: Turn your volume waaaay down.)

Citing "experts", conservative blowhard Ann Coulter says "radiation is actually good for you." Wait, what?

The 12th season of Dancing with Stars, with Wendy as a contestant, premiers tonight. He's a preview.

Meanwhile, on the Austrian version of the show, a gay TV host Alfons Haide danced the Cha-Cha-Cha with a male partner.

LISTEN: BC Jean, who wrote "If I Were A Boy" (then Beyoncè stole it!) has just dropped her first major single called "I'l Survive You." (Sidebar: After the snatch-ation, BC received a $250,000 settlement and a record deal with Clive Davis.)

Police in Los Angeles are looking for this man, who was caught on surveillance video walking around naked at the Centro De Allegria Pre-school while pleasuring himself. (He also money and keys.)

A drunk gets choked out in Perth, Australia.

And in good ole Russia...

After heavy rainfall in São Paulo, Brazil, a woman was washed away by a rush of water. (Sidebar: We were gonna make a funny, but she was injured. She suffered head injuries, cuts on his hand and mouth and lost several teeth.)

Pole dancing for Jesus? A Houston woman has opened up her stripper class, er, pole dancing class, to Christians, saying it empowers women. Really.

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