Monday, March 21, 2011

WATCH: Casey Heynes Explains Why He Snapped; Bully Ritchard Gale Says Casey is a Liar

Casey Heynes, the 15-year-old Australian boy who put an epic beatdown on Ritchard Gale, has become a hero to many. In an interview airing on Australia's A Current Affair, Casey says before he stood up for himself, he was bullied for all his life.

"In primary school, in year two all the way to year six, once I hit High School, one person started it and at the time I had eight friends. Those eight friends ditched me that first year, and then the teasing started. They'd call me 'fatty', slap me across the back of the head and trip me and throw water bottles at me. It happened practically every day....I was all alone. That's what made me an easy target....When nobody touches me and teases me."

Bullies duct-taped him to a pole, too. Casey says he thought about committing suicide.

Also over the weekend, Ritchard gave his own interview to Today Tonight saying Casey is a liar. He claims he was only defending himself.

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