Friday, March 4, 2011

WATCH: Liquor Store Breakdown

When a liquor store clerk told 31-year-old Mahogany Marrow she could not use the store's restroom because she cut other customers in line, the bitch went berserk -- knocking bottles from the shelves. She was charged with criminal mischief and could face a year in jail.

A convicted sex offender was released early -- but only after he was castrated. He's 78 years old!

Poor thing. This girl just had wisdom tooth surgery - but she can't close her eye.

Last weekend Miss Fenty and Ciara got into a Twitter feud. We didn't give a damn, but this is funny.

Poor Ciara.

A quick-thinking Detroit grandmother is being hailed a hero after she called 911 when she noticed a 14-yea-old boy dragging woman into an abandoned with knife at her throat. When police arrived 18 minutes later, they found the boy raping a 27-year-old woman.

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