Friday, March 18, 2011

WATCH: Trolling the News

Ben Higgins, the sports director at 10News in San Diego, was almost run over by an SUV during live report.

In Memphis, Rev. Billy Bogus (who we believe is not a real man of the cloth) has made it his life's mission to stop women from masturbation, because, he says, it's the gateway to fornication. Praise the Lord!

Meanwhile, in NYC a while Fox5 reporter Lisa Evers was reporting, an idiotic troll decided to engage in some crude tongue action.

FIGHT! After a (white) lady asked a (black) commuter: "What kind of animals eat on the train?" the (black) lady, who was gorging on a plate of spaghetti on the NYC subway, beat the inquisitive woman's ass! Watch what you say, lady, watch what you say!

A toddler is frightened by his toy.

As many as 10 Metro commuters stopped James Alfred Burnett, a 46-year-old registered sex offender from kidnapping a teenage girl at a train station in South Los Angeles.

A Fort Myers, Fla. man is devastated after his entire family was killed after the SUV they were driving flipped into a canal along Alligator Alley. If you have some extra coins in your pocket, donations are being accepted at the Church of God on Evans Avenue or at Applebee's restaurants in Southwest Florida to help Jean Thomas pay for four funerals.

A 14-year-old Memphis, Tenn. boy crashed the car he was driving into another vehicle....because his father, 33-year-old William Smith was too drunk to drive. William's license was revoked in 2003. He was charged with DUI and child endangerment.

Steve Stevens, a nightclub owner, landed in the Guinness World Record Book after he danced non-stop for 131 hours. (He was allowed five-minute break every hour.)

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