Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Downlow Atlanta Megachurch Pastor with Ties to Bishop Eddie Long Raped 14-year-old Boys, Paid Them Hush Money: report

This story is so disturbing -- yet so juicy -- we don't know if we should wash our eyes out with bleach in an attempt to unsee and unlearn these details, or tell you about it. We like our eyesight very much, so here you go.

The DeKalb District Attorney's office has launched a "Crimes Against Children Review" in connection with Bishop Johnathan Alvarado, (pictured) the bishop of Total Grace Christian Center in Decatur, Ga.

The bishop and his alleged crimes against children (his "spiritual sons" which sound oddly familiar) were outed by Shaun King, who worked at Total Grace for seven years a pastor. Shaun says he first heard about the allegations when a local TV reporter asked his opinion on "an out-of-court settlement that had been reached between Bishop Alvarado and three boys [who were] molested by him. [The reporter] informed me that the settlement had been reached privately in January and that Bishop Alvarado admitted and apologized to the abuse as a part of the settlement."

That's when he began to tweet about it. Shaun has the tea. He says Bishop Alvarado, although he's currently in an opposite-sex marriage, used to be a big ole queen when he attended Morehouse. Ehaow!

"In the 3 years or so that I served as Bishop Alvarado’s assistant I didn’t see anything that made me think he was involved in anything like child molestation," Shaun says. "Throughout my seven years there, I was regularly told by other pastors and friends in the city that Bishop Alvarado was either currently gay or 'used to be gay'. I was told that he was gay when he was a student @ Morehouse and that his being gay was a not so well kept secret." Gagging!

Perhaps, Bishop Alvardo was a founding member of The Plastics?

Shaun adds: "I saw what I thought were some effeminate qualities about Bishop Alvarado like the way he talked, mannerisms, neatness/dress, etc., but just thought it was a coincidence. I even spoke with staff members and asked them privately if it was maybe the case that homosexuality was a struggle that he had overcome. They admitted that they wondered the same thing, but I absolutely, 100% “knew” he wasn’t gay." Gagging!

But it gets worse: Shaun says several high-ranking pastors and members at Total Grace began contacting him and they had even more sordid details to share.

"I had [an] essential staff member and close family friend of the Alvarado family tell me that she witnessed Bishop Alvarado tongue kissing a 14 year old boy, but that she never said anything because she did not want to destroy his family and that she was confused by it. I learned who the victims were. They were children of people that we all know and love and trust. They were children of people that are CRUSHED that this has happened. They were children of people that had served at Total Grace for 10-15 years. I learned that many people believe more victims exist."

This sort of predatory behavior has been going down in churches since the beginning of time and it must stop.

The DA hasn't begun a "formal investigation," but is questioning a number of people with ties to the church. If these allegations are true, then the pedophile must be arrested and sentenced to prison for a very, very long time and the parents of the victims who accepted hush money instead of reporting his rapist ass to cops, they, too, should go to jail.

So you're wondering, how the alleged pedophile is connected to Eddie Long, the legendary Atlanta megachurch pastor who had sex with four young men? Well, Bishop Alvarado was the Minister of Music at Eddie Long's church -- twirling on stage, no doubt. How You Doin, Bishop Alvarado! Allllrrrriiiiiiiggghhht!

Here's Bishop Alvarado talking about something and it sounds naughty, suspicious and incriminatory. (Sidebar: Is your 'dar pinging off the chart, too?)

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Anonymous said...

Chile, the twinkle and the smile says it all.
How you doin Bish? Awwwright!

Anonymous said...

I want to throw up, I am sorry to say I was a member there years ago and the last time I was in that church, I began to cough so badly I almost choked to death. I had youth with me attending a play there and I literally took them and left in the middle of it because of what I witnessed, not to mention the coughing seemed like a sign. I literally had to pull over at a Quick Trip and get water because I was coughing so hard...never had happened to me in my life nor has it since. Shame on you JA, not because you got caught up in abusing children but because you refuse to humble yourself and admit it. All this is witchcraft, which is simply using anything other than the holy spirit to manipulate people. You are one of the many reasons I no longer attend church. Yes, I am one of those people you refer to in this disgusting video who considers God my father. I am so glad I didn't drink the Kook Aid. As a former youth minister and a current educator, I can't think of anything worse that abusing your power, using God to hurt innocent children. God help you.

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