Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lady Found With Knife Hiding in Husband's Jumpoff's Closet

Lizbeth Hernandez, 47, of Middletown, NY, is facing criminal mischief charges after she was found hiding in her husband's girlfriend's condominium with a 12-inch carving knife, duct tape and surgical gloves Saturday. Bitch was about to commit a murder, but thankfully, cops caught her.
Police said Hernandez had secretly followed her husband when he left his job in lower Westchester Friday evening. The husband, who left his wife a few months ago, spent the night at his girlfriend's condo. Hernandez spent the night outside in her car, waiting. At some point, she allegedly used a key to scrape the cars of her husband and girlfriend, leaving gouge marks along the sides and tops, causing several thousand dollars in damage. After the couple left, Hernandez walked up to the ground-floor apartment and tried to open a window. A neighbor noticed her and called 911, then described Hernandez's ongoing efforts to enter the condo. Hernandez went back and forth to her car several times, retrieving a hammer and a metal spatula. She pried open a screen, smashed the window, then crawled inside over shards of glass. At 5 feet tall and 120 pounds, she eventually climbed in. Police officers entered with flashlights. They found her deep in a closet, hiding under a pile of clothes, [Peekskill police Lt. Eric Johansen] said. "She had concealed herself quite well," he said. "It appears she was going to lie in wait for them to return." Hernandez said nothing of substance when officers found her, and she was taken into custody without a struggle, police said. She was carrying the knife, gloves and tape. Inside her car, police found some garbage bags and a jug of bleach. "On its own, that wouldn't raise too much concern, but combined with everything else, it certainly raised the level of suspicion as to what her true motive was," Johansen said. "She didn't say what her motive was. However, given the fact all these items were recovered and the fact she broken into the home, you have to think there was a much more sinister plan."
Lizbeth and her husband were married for five years and she has several prior domestic disputes with her husband in which she was the aggressor. She's being held without bail.
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