Monday, April 18, 2011

Man Chops Off His Finger, Cooks It With Veggies For Dinner

Finger food! A man from New Zealand who is battling depression cut off his own little finger, then ate it for dinner.
The extreme act was revealed yesterday in the Australasian Psychiatry journal by two Christchurch-based psychiatrists. Their patient, aged 28 at the time in 2009, decided to sever his finger after he "spiralled into an episode of depression" following a personal crisis. He was not on medication, drugs or alcohol, said authors Erik Monasterio and Craig Prince. The report said: "He experienced significant insomnia and suicidal ideation, and ruminated for days about cutting off his fingers. "In an effort to seek reprieve from these thoughts, he tied a shoelace around his little finger to act as a tourniquet and cut the finger off with a jigsaw. "He then cooked it in a pan with some vegetables and ate its flesh. His plan was to amputate another two fingers the following day." The man changed his mind but was assessed by medics who decided he had a "vulnerable personality structure". He had initially felt excited about what he had done but later regretted his first act of self-harm because of its debilitating effects.
Was it finger looking good? Anyway, according to the report, this is the eighth known case of self-cannibalism in the world.
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