Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mathew Knowles Goes to War With the IRS Over $12,115 Tax Lien

Mathew Knowles, the father Beyoncè, is challenging the IRS after the agency placed a $12,115 tax lien against him on March 9 for delinquent taxes in Los Angeles, Calif. Mathew's accountant, Debra Whelan Johnson, told Robert Snell of the Detroit News she was unaware of the lien, but claims it's a mistake, and that her client is owed a refund. "My firm has filed the return and Mr. Knowles will be receiving a tax refund," she said. "This is not my point of view, but a fact. If you would like a redacted copy of the return to verify I am sure we can make that available." After repeated requests, Debra didn't make the amended return available, however. For his part, Mathew, who recently was ordered to pay child support for a chile he had with a jumpoff, says "I have overpaid my taxes in California and look forward to receiving my refund. If it had not been for you I wouldn't have known." See, who said the Internet can't be helpful?

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