Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mediation Talks Continue in Bishop Eddie Long Gay Sex Case; Settlement Imminent

After settlement talks broke down last month amid insults and curse words, Bishop Eddie Long has resumed talks with the four men who accused him of raping sexually coercing them into sex by throwing money and gifts at them when they were teenagers. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, both sides are now engaged in marathon negotiation sessions of 12-14 hours lasting into the early morning hours and a settlement is imminent. The judge in the case has said he if a settlement wasn't agreed up by this summer, the case must go to trial. The bishop has admitted to hugging and throwing money at the boys, but has denied raping them. Even after all this drama, he still continues to hold late-night penis parties.

Update, April 22: Judge Johnny Panos says the case is thisclose to settlement. The judge says a resolution could come before Easter. He says, “It’s because of my urging. I wanted it resolved, I wanted it resolved quickly, and I thought, what better way to get them involved during one of the most holy weeks for Christians, and millions of Christians in this world....We were at the court until 3 a.m. one day this week, just pushing through the issues and based on what my understanding is, most of those issues have been resolved, and there’s some fine tuning that needs to be done. And so it’s not completely done, as I understand, but I want to encourage them to continue to do that.”

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