Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This Lunatic's Attempt to Teach His Wife How to Be a Better Wife Lands Him in Jail

There are really no words to describe Michael Wheaton of Phoenix, Arizona. The 55-year-old was arrested and charged with sexual assault, two counts of kidnapping, aggravated assault, and making threats after he assaulted and raped his wife because she was doing it wrong. Wait, what?
According to court documents, Wheaton thought his wife was cheating on him. On the night of April 17, he allegedly punched her in the face, forced her to take a shower because she was "dirty," and brutally beat her limbs with a hammer when she got out of the shower. He then allegedly forced her to perform a sex act on him, and then hit her in the face, causing her to lose consciousness. When the victim came to several hours later, she asked Wheaton to let her go to the hospital because of the serious injuries she sustained. He allowed her to go and she returned home about 8 hours later. She was talking to a relative on her cell phone when she walked inside, and Wheaton told her not to tell anybody what happened, taking her car keys, documents allege. For the second time, Wheaton picked up the hammer and threatened to hit her, according to the complaint. He allegedly said he was going to "teach" her how to be a wife and attempted to force her a second time to perform a sex act on him. Wheaton was interrupted by phone calls and the doorbell, the victim reported. She hid in a bedroom, looked for her car keys, and texted her sister for help. She then tricked Wheaton into going outside, allowing her to escape to be picked up by her sister. As she was fleeing, Wheaton allegedly told her he would kill her if she told police.
Once in jail, Michael admitted that to police his crimes. We have a feeling, the wife will be sending money to his commissary and waiting for him to get out.
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