Friday, May 6, 2011

'Dead' Man Tries to Jump Out of Ambulance

Police officers in Raipur, India, recently received calls from distraught neighbors saying a man has been floating in a pond for several hours. When they arrived, cops found Vijay Kumar Ratre's wife bawling uncontrollable at the sudden loss of her husband. They pulled his body out the pond and an ambulance was called to transport it to the medical examiner's office for an autopsy, but "as soon as Ratre was put in the ambulance, he got up and tried to jump out from the vehicle." The crowd of more than 100 people immediately exploded in cheers at the miracle that happened in front of their eyes.....but....
Apparently, Ratre was under the influence of alcohol and didn't know what was happening around him. A policeman said the officers who were handling the case should have, "applied brain before calling an ambulance as he was just unconscious." But for a section of people who saw the events unfold, it was miraculous. "Ratre had surely died, everyone was convinced, even the policemen. His body was not moving and responding, it was a miracle witnessed by over 100 people," said Dilip, 21, a local.

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