Monday, May 9, 2011

Granny Gets Drunk on Vodka-Filled Mother's Day Chocolates

An Aurora, Colorado florist made a potentially deadly mix-up yesterday, when they delivered a box of chocolates (filled with 5% vodka per piece) instead of Godiva milk chocolates to 75-year-old Sue Roth, who's living at a senior facility. Sue, who's paralyzed and takes several medications for diabetes and stroke, took the whole thing in stride, though. "The first one I ate, I thought, 'Mmmm, boy this really is good,'" she said. She ate three more and then handed them out to her friends. Within hours, she started to feel ill. "I was feeling really dopey. I felt dizzy and weak." Her blood sugar levels were off the charts. When the the nursing home staff attempted to take away the chocolate, however, Sue wasn't about to give them back. "I said, 'Listen here, I'm 75 years old, you try to take something away from me, you're gonna have a fight.'" She's doing fine, but when her son Bryan Jamieson contacted FTD to inquire about what could caused the mix-up, the company was not apologetic and even denied to refund his money. He's now planning to sue. Heads outta roll at the senior living center, too.

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