Monday, May 9, 2011

Man Jailed For Stealing Boy's Penis

Continuing the tradition of utterly bizarre and unbelievable tales coming out of Africa, comes this story of Luka Audu, a 39-year man from Kaduna, Nigeria who was arrested (before he was beaten to death) for stealing a 17-year-old boy's penis last Saturday. Sounds ridiculous? We're with you. According to PM News, after giving Luka directions to a neighbor's home, Luka shook the boy's hand -- and that's when the teenager noticed that his penis was missing. "I only shook the boy's hand to thank him and nothing more. And I was leaving for the described place when I heard 'thief, thief' and before I turned some boys started beating me," Luka said. The boys demanded he returned their friend's penis, or get beaten to death. Eventually, police came and took Luka (pictured) away. As for the teenager, his mother said he was being treated at a local hospital where he received a shot. She didn't know whether of not her son's penis is still fully functional. Police continue to investigate the case of the disapperaing member.

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