Tuesday, May 3, 2011

NBA Baller Chris Bosh Sues Baby Mama For Disclosing Private Facts, Trademark Infringement on 'Basketball Wives' [updated]

It's going down, y'all! Miami Heat power forward Chris Bosh has slapped baby mama Allison Mathis and Shed Media -- the production company behind the VH1 reality show "Basketball Wives" --- for, among other things, falsely converting his life rights, publicly disclosing private facts, intruding into his private affairs, misappropriating his name and/or likeness and unjust enrichment. In the filing, which you can read below, Chris basically calls Allison a social climber who was hired to be on the third season of the show, which according to the suit, "follows the lives of women are are dating, or who dated, NBA basketball players, or who were formerly married to NBA player; and, this, provides these women with a vehicle and worldwide platform to use, without permission or authorization, the names and/or likes of famous NBA professional basketball players they know on a person level for their own commercial gain." Allison, according to the suit (which was filed in California yesterday), was solely cast to spill the tea on Chris and her appearance on the show will cause irrepressible harm to his public image. Chris is seeking $75,000 in punitive damages, profits and attorney's fees. He's demanded a trial by jury. (Sidebar: The couple has a daughter, Trinity Meyers Mathis, who's 2. In March 2009, Allison filed a paternity suit against Chris and claimed the basketball player dumped her when she was seven months' pregnant, stopped supporting her financially and attempted to kick her out of the home they shared. Sidebar 2: We read that he might be How You Doin, do you think Allison knows the tea?)

June 16: Allison has countersued Chris for tortious interference and intentional infliction of emotional distress -- and, oh, yes, messing up her paper. She claims Chris “intentionally, knowingly, maliciously and without justification interfered” in her employment, prompting VH1 to fire her. In a statement, Allison's attorney said: “Ms. Mathis was employed to appear on this season of the reality TV series 'Basketball Wives.' Chris Bosh is using his vast money and all of the power that comes from his wealth and celebrity to silence her.” In her suit (which you read below), Allison claims the show's producers agreed to pay her $625 a week, plus $2500 for each of the first five episodes in which she appeared, $5000 per episode from then on, plus an option to pick up her contract for 4 more years. She claimed she would've made more than $250,000.

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