Thursday, May 19, 2011

Woman Who Had Affair With Arnold Schwarzenegger When She Was 16 Speaks Out

While much of the world's focus has been placed on Mildred Baena -- that skettel who seduced Arnold Schwarzenegger and had his baby -- the actor and former California governor has been cheating on his wife, Maria Shriver, for about as long as they were married. In an interview with the National Enquirer, Gigi Goyette said she engaged into a sexual relationship with Arnold when she was just 16 years old (he was 28). The 21-year affair ended in 1999 when she fell in love with another man.
In a sizzling world exclusive interview, Gigi reveals the muscleman-turned-actor-turned-politician even introduced her to his wife -- who later chastised him for being rude to Gigi!

Gigi also claimed sexually voracious Arnold, 63, openly groped other women right in front of her, and after one of her pals made love to the "Conan the Barbarian" star in a car, Maria found out!

She first met Arnold in 1975 when was just 16 and living with her mother. He was 12 years older and starting ti make his name as a bodybuilder and actor.

She'd ridden her horse to the Sandcastle restaurant in Malibu, and bumped into Arnold, who was there with pals.

"We started chatting and almost the first thing Arnold said to me was, "You have an amazing ass," Gigi told the Enquirer. "I had no idea who he was, but there was spark between us, and we went to one of his friend's homes for a barbecue. We played with the dogs, talked and had a few drinks. The next thing I Knew we were in a bedroom having sex! I'd made love before, but never with anyone like Arnold. He was perfect Adonis -- he had the most amazing body I*'d ever seen in my life."

But Gigi -- now a successful event planning consultant -- moved to Hawaii, and over the next 14 years she saw Arnold only during occasional visits to California.

They were thrown together again in 1989 when Schwarzenegger organized his first athletic event, at the time called the Arnold Fitness weekend, then just a bodybuilding expo in Columbus, Ohio. Gigi was sent there to coordinate seminars and exhibits for her employer, World Gym.

Arnold had been married to Maria three years at the time. But he still made a beeline for Gigi.

"He called me 'Shee Shee' in this really sexy accent," Gigi recalled. "The first night we were there, a group was sitting at the bar drinking and smoking cigars. Arnold played the piano and charmed everyone by singing 'Edelweiss'. He leaned over to me and, in a whisper, asked if I wanted to come up to his room for a nightcap."

It was the start of seven years of secret sexual trysts. But that night Arnold didn't want the type of sex they'd enjoyed when Gigi was 16.

"I gave Arnold a massage, and then we had oral sex. Arnold explained that he couldn't have full intercourse -- just what he called 'outercourse'," Gigi recalled. "Like President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, oral sex was his way of denying that he was cheating."

Gigi returned to the same event the following year and checked into Columbus' Hyatt on Capitol Square hotel. Her heat sank when Arnold arrived with not only his wife, but his in-laws -- Maria's famous politically connected parents Eunice and Sargent Shriver.

"I was in the lobby when the walked in, and Arnold introduced me to all of them," Gigi recalled. "Maria shook hands with me. She was polite and friendly, but I was dying!"

Later that night, the group met in the bar and smoke cigars, Gigi said.

"Finally, Maria left and Arnold whispered to me, 'Go to your room. I'll see you there'," Gigi recalled.

When he showed up, Gigi expressed her worries about meeting in the same hotel where his wife was staying.

"But Arnold took me in his arms and neither of us could deny our strong attraction," she said. "He stayed with em for an hour and we had the most amazing sex session. Then he went back to Maria."

In a startling turn of events, Maria befriended Gigi that weekend, she even sprang to Gigi's defense against him!

"Arnold and Maria were in the hotel restaurant having lunch, and I walked over to tell them their car had arrived," said Gigi. "Arnold snapped at me rudely, 'I don't want the driver to come now!' Maria told him angrily, 'Don't talk to her that way!' She was no since that it almost made wish I hadn't slept with her husband the night before!"

When they were apart, the illicit lovers chatted on the phone, and Arnold invited Gigi to Mexico City where he was still making "Total Recall," she said.

She flew down with her mother, and after they had a sushi dinner with Arnold, he called Gigi in her hotel room and invited her to his room for another "nightcap".

"I gave him a massage and we made for for two hours until he made the excuse that had an early call on the set," Gigi recalled.

But the trip ended badly when Gigi suspected that Arnold was having an affair with an actress.

"I was supposed to have dinner with Arnold one night, but he canceled at the last minute," she recalled. "I found out later that he was having a 'private rehearsal' with an actress instead."

Such boorish behaviour was typical of the hot pants actor, Gigi says.

While working out in gyms, Schwarzenegger often made moves on other women right in front of her.

"If Arnold saw a body that he liked, he couldn't resist making a comment or grabbing them," she told the Enquirer.

And Gigi claims she got hit with a huge bombshell while having dinner with a new pal who suddenly blurted out: "I've been with someone you've been with."

"My friend said she'd made love with Arnold in a car. But somehow Maria found out. Arnold then got rid of the woman," Gigi said.

Source: National Enquirer, May 30, print edition.
A mess! Some other news breaking today: Maria has hired pitbull divorce attorney Laura Wasser. And as for Mildred, the folks over at RadarOnline says Maria confronted her and asked her point-blank 'is my husband your baby daddy?' "Maria has suspected this for a long time and she asked the housekeeper," a source said. "The housekeeper admitted it. Maria then went to Arnold and he confessed."

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