Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rapist With Supernatural Powers Jailed

Stories coming out of Africa always make for a good laugh. So, make sure you're sitting down for this one.
A Gweru man believed to be possessing supernatural powers in which he can rape women without them noticing but only to realise after, suffered injuries after being caught red-handed this time. The act is notoriously known in Zimbabwe as mubobobo. Jealous Dube, 23, was caught sexually abusing a 23 year-old woman who was bathing at a flat in the central business district. Dube, who was half naked, was noticed by his victim when he started making noise while supernaturally abusing the woman who at that time was feeling strange on her private parts. Midlands police spokesman Patrick Chademana confirmed that Dube was charged with criminal insult. The woman then sought to investigate the cause of the strange noises when she peeped through the bathroom window only to find out that Dube was standing at the window holding his private parts. “Dube then took to his heels with the trousers on his knees,” said a witness. “But he was manhandled by the woman’s neighbours.” Dube confessed that he has abused several; women in Gweru especially those who live in flats because he would notice that a woman was bathing by running water in sanitary lanes. Chademana said: “The suspect is said to have been abusing women on a number of occasions at the same place.” Dube will be dragged to court soon.
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