Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chris Bosh's Baby Mama Refuses to Let Him See Their Daughter

NBA baller Chris Bosh and his ex-girlfriend, Allison Mathis, are embroiled in a bitter custody war over their two-year-old daughter, Trinity. While they share custody, Chris wants to share "a once in a lifetime opportunity" of making it to the NBA Finals with his daughter, but Allison isn't budging. In an emergency motion filed last week in Maryland, Chris asked the judge to temporarily alter their agreement so he could see his daughter and presented this letter as evidence.
I am embarking on a new chapter of my life my making it into the finals for the firsttime in my professional career and it's very important to me to have the people closest and dear to my heart to be able to share these moments with me, of the individuals being my only daughter Trinity. I have asked to have access to her at the beginning of the month over 2 weeks ago, before I head to Dallas for a week or longer. I will continue to be in Miami till Sat and I still want to see her before I leave town. If we can make this happen please respond asap and I will set up the arrangements for pic up/drop of without you having to lift a finger.

It's been almost a month since my last visit with her and I'm not quire sure why you won't even respond or why you insist on keeping her from me. I would hope that me actively initiating a close relationship with my daughter would make you happy and in return you would make it a top priority to communicate with me about her or at least allow me to have access to her.

With her not being enrolled in any type of school and with you currently without any professional responsibilities I'm not sure why we are still having constant scheduling conflicts? I will continue reaching out in hopes of seeing my daughter sooner rather than later but if you have suggestions on how we can positively remedy or communicate thru this situation I'm open to hear them.

As I have always told you she is current and [sic] will always be a top priority in my life and I love her dearly.

Hope that you two are doing great.

Christopher Bosh
Clearly Allison is being a vindictive and spiteful beyotch because she's angry. Last month Chris filed a lawsuit against her claiming she disclosed details of his private life, among other things, on the VH1 reality show "Basketball Wives". This domestic dispute is shaping up to be as nutty as Dwayne Wade's drawn-out court battle with his crazy ex-wife. Sidebar: According to the folks over at TMZ, per the original temporary court-ordered arrangement, Chris is slated to get custody of Trinity on June 11 -- one day before Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

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