Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Man Sues Ex-Girlfriend For $11 Million For Taking Dog

Ilich Jorquera is suing ex-girlfriend Carla Pimentel for $11 million in New York City. He says she ran off with his best friend -- their two-year-old Schnauzer Guapo after they broke up in February, according to the New York Daily News.
But Pimentel counters that she and Guapo ran for safety in February after Jorquera verbally and physically abused her, forcing her to get a court order of protection. "I lived my life in fear," Pimentel said before taking Guapo out for a stroll near her Queens home Wednesday. "I can't believe he's doing this. This man's crazy. I'm scared of this guy. This is vengeance because I met someone else." Jorquera wants a judge to force Pimentel to at least share custody of the scruffy white pooch who was so darn cute they called him Guapo - Spanish for handsome. "I miss him every single day," said Jorquera, 36, a landscape contractor. "Sometimes I talk to myself and I feel like I'm talking to him ...I love that dog and I know I can take better care of him."...Guapo's absence has caused him extreme emotional distress for which he's due millions, court papers say. "I became very attached to Guapo and he was my best friend," he told a judge. Jorquera says the two agreed to split up earlier this year, with Pimentel agreeing to move out in March. But in February, while he was out of town, Guapo and Pimentel hit the dog run and never came back, he says. He hasn't seen Guapo since. "I am completely shocked and hurt that Carla would claim Guapo as her own dog," Jorquera told a judge. "During the time that Guapo lived with Carla and I, the dog was cared for primarily by myself. She was just too busy to properly care for him ...I cannot wait any longer for Carla to come to her senses."
Ilich admits that the dog is legally registered in Carla's name -- but he was one who paid for the dog in 2009 and took care of the animal on a day-to-day basis. Animals in the eyes of the law are considered property, so this case will probably get tossed.
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