Friday, July 22, 2011

WATCH: Famine; Ice Cream Assault; Oh, Baby!

Why don't we care about Somalia? The United Nations declared famine in parts of Africa and 10 million people are in need of emergency help -- with almost three million in Somalia. The country is suffering its first famine in 19 years and one in three children have malnutrition. Tens of thousands of desperate families are on the move seeking help after the drought devastated their livestock and water supplies.
More than 170,000 are housed in camps in neighbouring Kenya. Some regions have had the worst drought in 60 years. TO HELP: Donate cash to the World Food Programme, Oxfam, or the International Rescue Committee.

On a completely different note, police in Pembroke Park, Fla. are looking for these two ladies who stuffed four bottles of Champagne (worth $90-a-piece) under their dresses. Keep it classy.

Meanwhile, on the NYC subway...

...also on the NYC subway. A lady drops her pants to air out her cat trap. Who could blame her, the heat is friggin' oppressive underground. Sidebar: Don't you just love NYers, they pretty much ignored her crazy azz.

In Evansville, Ind. a woman asked a McDonald's restaurant to keep an ice cream cake in the freezer, but when she returned, she was unhappy with the condition of the cake. She slapped the worker and threw ice cream at her. Police are still looking for the slappy-happy customer. This is the ridiculous 911 call.

Lamont Robinson volunteered to his cousin with a job to tar a roof in Pittsburgh this afternoon, but he almost fell and became stuck in the tar for two hours -- in the sweltering heat. Firefighters were able to get Lamont down from the roof and sprayed him down with oils to remove the tar.

Not as cute as these twins, but these kids are cute.

Thieves broke into a Target store in Atlanta and stole 18 iPads worth more than $11,000. Here's the thing. The store has the devices serial numbers and as soon someone activates the stole devices, the cops will knock on your door. So it'll only be a matter of days since these two thieves are wrangled.

A huge bomb exploded in Oslo, the capital city of Norway Friday afternoon. The blast damaged parliamentary buildings including the Prime Minister's office. Seven deaths have been reported.

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