Monday, July 25, 2011

WATCH: Here Come the Brides, Mad Mariah, Natural Air Conditioning

Every time Mariah Carey gets on HSN to peddle items she wouldn't actually wear, the singer and new mom of twins loses her mind -- probably as to way to not talk about the tchotchkes. Or maybe it's the champagne.

After becoming law, 659 gay couples were married in NYC last weekend....

..and this donkey was there.

Meanwhile in St Louis, 24-year-old Jacob Southard decided to beat the heat by riding his motorcycle wearing nothing but a lime green Borat mankini. Fun times.

More than 100 criminals visited the new jail in Baton Rogue, La. last weekend.

Man, who is caught urinating on a sidewalk in NYC, assaults a police officer before escaping.

When it's a slow news cycle, the anchors over at NBC Dallas-Forth Worth go "toothpicking."

Pastor Mike Davis is unapologetic about the F-word on the sign outside of his church. Which reminds us.

And on a NYC bus, someone got an earful. Bloodclaat! Go suck you muma! OMG!

And in the UK, a gas station clerk shows a woman that stealing a bag of potato chips is not OK.

After being fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta last season, Lisa Wu Hartwell is parlaying the acting she honed on the series to the stage and film.

Kevin Gonterman of League City, Texas spent his entire weekend trapped at the bottom of a well.

They're serving up more than greasy fried chicken at a KFC in Nashville, Ga.

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