Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Couple Dine and Dash, Flee on Horseback

A Grand Junction, Colo. woman is wanted by police after she ate at a restaurant in Aspen last Saturday and took off -- on horseback!!! -- without paying. True story.
According to the Daily News, Aspen Police first responded to a complaint that two intoxicated people were riding horses down a main street in Aspen. When police arrived, the officer determined the people were not drunk, but their horses were defecating on the street. The officer asked the two people to clean up the mess and they did. The Daily News reports the Mezzaluna restaurant then contacted police saying the couple had left without paying their $51.23 bill. Police tracked down the horses, but when they tried to contact the man, Eldon Thurston, he rode away from them. [“He went full-tilt away from us,” (officer Ryan) Turner said, adding officers repeatedly yelled at the man to stop. “I was surprised; I said ‘I guess this guy is running away from us.’”] After searching for him some more, the Daily News reports the found him after he tried to hide behind the horse. ...While police were talking to Thurston, Ami Thompson came up to them and admitted to police she forgot to pay the bill at Mezzaluna. She called the restaurant and told them she would come back to pay the bill. The Daily News reports that still has not happened and while the restaurant initially declined to file charges, police say that may change. Police say they may issue a warrant for "defrauding the inn keeper," but it is such a low-level crime it may not be worth tracking Thompson down.
source: 9 News
They probably just had a salad and tap water, because a $51 bill after dinner for two at a restaurant in Aspen almost never happens.
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