Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Woman Calls White House Everyday to Complain About Noisy Neighbor

If you've ever dealt with a noisy neighbor, then you know it's not fun. You often feel helpless and you want to wring the inconsiderate neighbor's neck and in lieu of of moving, you trust that the law will enforce the city's noise ordinances. Which brings us to Alesea Allen who simply yearns for some peace and quiet. The Atlanta woman has it up to here with her neighbor of 18 months who plays his stereo at full blast at 3am -- every morning. For a year and half, Alesea and her husband haven't had a good night's sleep; she's called 911 at least 100 times, but police couldn’t write a ticket. So everyday for the last 18 months, Alesea's called the county commissioners, Congress and the White House looking for help. Suffice it to say, President Obama has been unable to fix the noise issue, too.

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