Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Woman Finds Live Rat in Loaf of Bread

A woman from Townsville in Queensland, Australia is traumatized after she found a live rat inside a loaf of bread (pictured) last Sunday. The unidentified woman told The Bulletin newspaper she was unloading her grocery into her car when she noticed the slices had holes in them. First she noticed a tail among the bread then realized there was a rat scurrying around inside the package. "I was horrified ... I didn't even want to hold the bag I was that shocked," she said. She immediately marched back into the Coles grocery store with the tainted bread. The store said they were not at fault and suggested the the rodent most likely found its way into the bag during transportation. The bread maker says they're not to blame, either. "A rat couldn't possibly survive the cooking, slicing or transportation process," the Helga's Bread spokesperson said. "If it got in the bag during packaging, it wouldn't have survived due to lack of oxygen." The town's health department investigated the woman's claim, but found that neither company -- the grocery store or the bread maker -- were not in violation of any health codes and are not at fault. So, the plot thickens. This British man must still be having nightmares.

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