Saturday, September 24, 2011

91-Year-Old Man Throws Bucket of Urine at Bebe's Kids; 'Deaf' Man Shoots at 'Rowdy' Kids

Albert Einsig, a 91-year-old man from York City, Pa., may not be able to "see too far" or "hear too good", but his aim is spot on. Well, almost. He says he's been kept up all night by neighborhood teens hanging out on his porch and antagonizing him. “They bang on the door, bang bang, to get me out of bed,” he tells WHP. “I'm sleeping right, I'm sleeping.” So he had something for them. He dumped a bucket filled with urine on his porch and down to the sidewalk to keep the bad ass kids off his porch. Police showed up and issued the elderly man a citation. Even after all of this, he says the kids will be back. The police need to do their jobs. Let's start a petition.

Meanwhile, in St Petersberg, Fla., 64-year-old Howard Clark is facing aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and child abuse charges after he fired a shot into a group of 15 of kids he said was terrorizing the neighborhood. To let him tell it: He was trying to get home when the kids blocked his right of way and when one of them produced a gun, he fired. But, according to the kids, Howard -- who his attorney says is deaf and has emphysema -- used the N-word then got out of his truck and punched a a 16-year-old boy and threatened to kill them. The teen says, "He comes towards me and says, 'Get out of the road, you N word.' I was like, you have all this road over there. Why don't you drive over there? He was like, 'No, I want this side of the road.'" Howard then went into his home, grabbed his gun and fired into the crowd.

sources: WHP | WFTS

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