Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lady Moves into Vacant Home, But Insists She's No Squatter + Other Messy Situations

Have you guys ever heard about a common law called "adverse possession" where someone moves into a home that's in foreclosure and abandoned then after a period of time (usually 10 years) have legal right to the home? we haven't. But, Chinyere Ngwu did. She found a nice home in Fort Bend, Texas and moved in. But the property was not in foreclosure and a grand jury indicted Chinyere on charges of burglary on Tuesday. She says she's no burglar.

After a San Antonio restaurant manager told 30-year-old Maria Benavidez her hours were being cut, Maria threw a pot at the assistant manager and hurled a meat cleaver at his head.

Crackhead Precious Dupriest, 19, who walks the stroll in Milwaukee, is facing murder charges after she killed a client because he tried to kiss her five times.

A pack of stray pit bulls who are roaming wild around a Memphis, Tenn. neighborhood for a month killing other animals, has residents living in fear and pleading for help....

...and in some shocking related news: Two pit bulls to eat a man alive in Memphis.

Nico Dauphine is facing attempted animal cruelty charges after she's caught on surveillance camera trying to poison feral cats in Washington. Here's the kicker: Nico is a migratory bird researcher at the National Zoo.

This afternoon Mrs Beyoncé Carter released the video for "Party" sans Andre 3000 -- five months after she should've. We contemplated posting it, but we loved this stan's review more. (Sidebar: We are waiting for the video for "End of Time." When is that dropping?!)

And finally, someone please have DFSC find this child's father (he's the one filming) and save this child before it's too late.

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