Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lady Suspects Man is Sleeping With Her Girlfriend, She Shoots Up His House + Others Losing Control

Well, OK, "shoots up" is a stretch, but the woman did shoot at the house of a man she thought was sleeping with her girlfriend and smashed his car window with a baseball bat. This all went down in Jones, Okla. last night. According to police, the unnamed woman is facing charges of discharging a firearm in city limits. Here's an interesting fact: The man the woman was trying to shoot is the neighbor of her girlfriend's ex-husband. A mess! We thought the memo was already out: lesbians don't like to share.

Meanwhile, in Scottsdale, Ariz. woman 45-year-old Julie Kuhns arrested for shooting her boyfriend in the chest following a verbal altercation. During an interview with detectives, Julie said she and the victim have been involved in a 2-year-long romantic relationship, despite the fact that he is still married and lives with his wife. She said he would come over to her house about once a day and sometimes spend the night. She told police the man became angry at her on Monday after she spilled coffee. Julie told police said she "had it" with his yelling and "wanted him to stop" -- so she grabbed the .22-caliber gun she kept in a kitchen drawer. She pulled the trigger, and it struck the victim in the upper chest. She said she didn't know the gun was loaded and only wanted to "scare" him with the gun. The victim told her to call 911, and she did. Prior to police arrival, she changed her clothes, washed her hands, and put her gun back in its resting place.

And in Brooklyn, NY, a YouTuber captured this. A meter maid was writing a ticket to two men whose van was parked at an expired meter, so one of the men produced a power tool...and this happened....

Mildred Russ, 65, a teacher from Baton Rouge, La., was arrested on a charge of cruelty to a juvenile after wrestled o the ground, choked and dragged a 6-year-old girl to the principal's office.

Nathan Horton picked up his mother's finger from the ground, after a disgruntled tenant bit it off.

Mary Bradshaw of Tulsa, Ohio was stuck in traffic when she saw an accident involving a car dangling from a tree. She parked her car in the middle of traffic to go take pictures because she works for the AP. Well, she doesn't. And she was arrested and charged with obstruction and resisting arrest.

In Portland, Ore., police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at Occupy Portland protestors...

... and it's about to go down in Atlanta tonight!

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