Friday, October 21, 2011

Woman Whose Mom Sold Her For Drugs As a Child, Reunites With Long-Lost Sisters

A woman who was sold as a baby by her drug-addicted mother 22 years ago has been reunited with the two sisters she never knew she had. As a child, Tiera Rice said she knew the people who raised her weren't her biological parents, but when she broached the subject, the couple she'd known as mom and dad brushed off her questions. That all changed when she was 15 and the woman Tiera thought was her mother died of a drug overdose. "They said they were sorry to tell me that my mom had died and my dad wasn't my dad, my mother wasn't my mother, and I'm not Candace Flores," Tiera tells WSB. She said the man who raised her told her there was no point trying to find her biological mother (she died in prison while serving time for murder), that she had sold her long ago for drugs. "They told me that they had heard I had been sold and my mom wasn't a good person, that I didn't need to be with her anyway 'cause they are bad people," she said. That prompted Tiera to begin a search to find her true identity, but didn't make any leeway until last summer when she couldn't get an ID card from the Department of Motor Vehicles because she didn't have a birth certificate. Shortly there after she hired a private detective. And as they say, the rest is history.

source: WSB
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