Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Black Nurses Barred From Taking Care of White Patients Say Their Civil Rights Were Violated

Four former employees of a nursing company in Marietta, Ga. have filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming their black administrators wouldn't send them to care for white patients. Erika Arnold, Tracee Goodman, Debra Trawick and Christine Muchene claim their civil rights were violated and they want the company, Accord Services, to pay. In the complaint, Tracee, who used to work in HR, claims: "Before placing someone in a position, I was blatantly asked in front of a group of people what color is she or how old is she." Ericka said she overheard Accord Services managers saying "'We can't use a nurse because they were too ghetto,' or ‘This client doesn't prefer foreigners' and ‘Black women are not professional.'" Christine, a certified nurse's aide and a Kenyan, said she first applied to Accord in 2007 and every year she was told her application was active and she would be called if a position became available, but she was never called allegedly because she's too old and African. The company spokesperson has denied the allegations and call the women "a few disgruntled employees who either resigned or we let go." This should be interesting.

source: WSB
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