Friday, November 18, 2011

Granny Makes Thug Squeal

A 65-year-old Ghanaian grandmother has the grip of death. Well, the grip that will make a grown man cry. Let's explain. Last Friday, two masked men attempted to attack and kidnap Mary Sagoe's daughter at gunpoint, she grabbed one of them by the balls and wouldn't let go. According to local reports, Mary (not pictured) was being visited by her daughter. When the daughter was getting into her car to drive home, the two men approached her, asked that she hand over the car keys then tried to push her into the vehicle, in an attempt to kidnap her. Hearing the commotion, Mary ran to her daughter's aid and grabbed one of the attackers by the balls and squeezed as hard as she could. As he laid there immobilized and squirming in pain, his accomplice ran away. Police arrived and arrested the would-be robber. That'll learn him.

source: Ghana Web
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Anonymous said...

You go Mama!

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