Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Man Gives Panhandler $2, Gets a Concussion in Return

There was this old adage: Beggars can't be choosers, but apparently one man thinks he can. Police have arrested 30-year-old Timothy Anderson, who was panhandling on the platform of Chicago subway Sunday night. When a man only gave him $2, Timothy punched the man. He told police, he "wasn't happy when the victim only gave him two dollars," so he punched him. The victim fell to the ground and hit his head. He suffered a concussion, fractured ribs and a laceration to his cheek that required 15 stitches to close . Maybe he thought the man was gonna pulls a fast one like this lady, no? Timothy tried to flee the scene, but several commuters chased him and he was apprehended by police a few blocks away. He's facing aggravated battery charges.

UPDATE: The 32-year-old victim speaks and more details were revealed at the Timothy's court hearing. The victim said he was on the train when Timothy, who's a gang member and out on parole, entered and began his sob story. “He was saying how he loves life, and how he needs $150 to help his wife take care of some health problems, and he would greatly appreciate it if someone would help him out,” said the victim. Prosecutors said in court that Timothy felt disrespected and became enraged when the passenger threw $2 in cash onto the floor. But the victim said he had merely placed the money on the seat (then the bills fell on the floor) as he got up to leave the train and that Timothy did not seem upset but followed him onto the platform. “He said something along the lines of, ‘You left me that money?’ and I said ‘Yeah, that’s for you,’” the victim told the Chicago Tribune. “Next thing I know I’m being sucker-punched in the face.” The victim said the punch knocked him out, causing him to hit his head on the platform as he fell. He said he awoke seconds later “lying in a pool of blood, with people standing over me asking if I was OK.” The man says he will no longer give money to panhandlers, “from now on, [he'll] give to foundations.”

source: Chicago Tribune
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