Tuesday, November 15, 2011

WATCH: Cow Gone Wild, Filet Meow, Dead Bird in Salad

A crazy cow -- which a cop described as as thin (600 lbs), mangy and fast, and the most aggressive bull he's ever seen -- was on the loose in Chandler, Ariz. on Sunday. Before it was shot and killed by police, the bull attacked a 9-year-old man, chased a man and rammed into a police cruiser.

An 11-year-old boy from Ravenna Township, Mich. was so fed up with his stepfather smoking weed, he told his bio-dad, who called police. While the boy's stepfather admits to smoking weed for "medicinal purposes", the boy's mother, Heidi Siebenaler, says her son is lying. Then she tells the local Fox affiliate: "They said my son couldn't escape the smell of marijuana and had to go outside for a breather. That's not true. I live in this house. Never smelled it before. It makes me sick." Umm, really? When police swooped down on the home, they confiscated 8 pounds of weed and charged both Heidi and her boyfriend with possession.

Henry Arnibal is behind bars tonight after he shot and killed a bobcat and ate it, after it attacked his roosters. Oh, he was high on methamphetamine at the time. That'll learn that bobcat!

A New Jersey man who has been taking his dog for rides on the front of his motorcycle for more than six years, was stopped by police and charged with animal cruelty. Obviously, cops in Tuckerton, NJ have nothing else to do.

Ranaldo Jack is going nowhere fast. The 17-year-old was trying to break into a house in Gwinnett County, Ga. this morning when he became stuck in the chimney -- for 10 hours before he was rescued. He was overheard screaming for help and when helped arrived -- via the police department -- the idiot was arrested.

Also in Georgia, a restaurant was ordered shuttered after rats bored through a wall at the neighboring pet supply store and entered the restaurant. It seems as it the pet supply store was selling or breeding rats, because animal control removed more than 300 from the store and several dozen from the restaurant!

Meanwhile in El Salvador...

A shopper has said his family found a dead bird in a prepared salad he bought at a supermarket and served for dinner.

Paul Streeter purchased a bag of prepared green salad from a grocery store in the UK. While his girlfriend was enjoying the meal, she discovered a dead bird (yes, a decomposed and skeletonized dead bird!) intermingled with the greens.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck attacks Bill Maher on her show this morning. Bill was right, she can't take a joke and she acts like she's still in high school.

We don't know if this is real or not, but these fellas may need a new roommate.

Fed up with long wait in a hospital waiting room, Chakeda Hamilton pepper sprayed her fiancée -- the fumes spread throughout the room, affecting another patient, as well as nurses and a secretary. Oh, her 2-year-old child was also there, too.

Grandpa Ted is our hero of the day.

Cops find a man engulfed in flames in the Los Angeles area.

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