Friday, November 4, 2011

WATCH: Ballsy Drunk, Jury Smackdown, Drought Hair

Heeeyyyy! When a bartender refused to allow Lori Waldo to take her drink home, she grabbed the bartender by the balls and kicked him several times in the groin.

What the hell is going on at Morrow High School in Morrow, Ga.? Let this 15-year-old female gang member tell you.

Judges from Brevard County, Fla. hauled dozens of people who skipped out on jury duty into court and berated their asses. They were also fined $25 and threatened with jail.

Apparently, the drought that swept though Texas last summer is the reason women are losing their hair.

Conan sent Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to poop on Occupy Wall Street protestors.

Chase Bank is greedy as hell. The bank is charging welfare recipients in Washington state $0.85 every time they use their EBT cards -- even though the state pays them $800,000 to cover the fees.

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