Thursday, November 3, 2011

Man Gets Arrested For Calling Telemarketer Who Called Him Every Day For Eight Months

Poor Kenneth Lodge. The 50-year-old Conyers, Ga. resident said telemarketer called him every day from February till October asking for a man named a James Crouch. Even though Kenneth told the telemarketer they had the wrong number, they kept on calling. So, losing sleep, Kenneth decided to give them a taste of their medicine. “I started calling them, and I called them and called them and called them until they started saying, 'Will you please stop calling here,'” he said. “At one time I had three phones to my ear asking for James Crouch. I want to speak to James Crouch and they asked me if I was crazy. I said, 'No, I'm just tired, tired of you calling." He called the company all day, more than 100 times. The company called police -- telling them Kenneth threatened to blow up the building. Although he denied that claim, Kenneth was arrested and charged with making harassing phone calls and terroristic threats and acts. He says he doesn't regret what he did, but, apparently, the telemarketers didn't get the memo, because they still continue to blow up his phone everyday.

source: WAGA
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