Monday, November 7, 2011

WATCH: Super Racist, Domestic Violence, Street Justice

In an apartment building in Newark, NJ tenants were surprised to find swastikas painted on their apartment doors, but they knew exactly who's responsible -- their own superintendent. Janet Torres and Grace Martinez say its a scheme cooked up by the super and building owner to try and evict them or drive them out because they complain about poor living conditions in the building. You know, rat infestation, mold, mildew - and holy mother crazp, what's that growing on the ceiling?

A wheelchair-bound woman from Memphis, Tenn. speaks candidly about the beatdown she received last Thursday from her boyfriend. Gladys Summlears says 39-year old Lavonte Bland was beat her for almost six hours only in between snorting lines of cocaine. "He would beat me, stop and snort some then beat me again," she said. "He tried to set me on fire. He hit me with a glass ashtray, ceramic bowl, iron off the stove. I knew he was going to kill me." The beatings only ended when Lavonte -- who beat her up several times in the past months-- ran out of coke and went to buy more from his dealer. Gladys flagged down a passerby and used their phone to call police. He was arrested and charged with assault and false imprisonment, but, Gladys says he repeatedly calls her from jail. "He was saying, 'Maybe I need to get help.' I said, 'You going to get some I'm going to make sure you stay there long enough to get help or you're going to be too old to get out and raise your hand to beat another woman.' He's like an animal and all animals belong in cages." I know that's right.

Meanwhile, in Sacramento, Calif., two thugs pushed Jennine Quiring out of her wheelchair outside of a Walmart then asked if they could help her up. They eventually stole her debit card and $20. At least her sense of humor hasn't been bruised. "I'm 75-years-old. And that's a target for some people. But I'm a little proud of the fact that I don't look 75. So I guess I think, 'Oh. they won’t think I'm old,'" Jennine laughed.

Old people in Fulton County, Ga. are not safe.

The Occupy movement makes house calls. Occupy Atlanta (which was evicted from Woodruff Park by police last month) is planning to pitch their tent on the lawn of a home in Snellville, Ga. that's facing eviction in the hopes it will prevent the sheriff from evicting the family. Yeah, good luck with that.

Meanwhile, in Portland, occupiers have chained themselves to a park since Saturday.

A man who was part of his neighborhood watch group has been jailed on charges of committing a slew of robberies and rapings across the state of Utah. No one is surprised.

This man has a pet donkey. Oh, and he also got robbed.

Two men from Napoleonville, La. are facing aggravated battery charges after they used a baseball bat to beat the ish out of a Telly Ross, 37, for r-aping a 15-year-old girl on Sunday. Don't fret: After he was released from the hospital, Telly was arrested, too.

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