Tuesday, November 1, 2011

WATCH: Woman Trouble, Welfare, Wander

Hours after a man was safely removed from a home after his girlfriend was beating his ass up and down a grocery store parking lot, he was found dead in the home from blunt force trauma. 35-year-old Holly Pitts, the man's girlfriend who may or may not be crazy, has been charged with murder. It's the second such killing in Louisville, Ky. in two days.

Jason Bastrom is facing trespassing charges for breaking to a home in Portland, Ore. to watch TV. Then again, it's problem the homeowner's fault. When the homeowner asked what he was doing in their home, Jason replied: "Well it's Halloween, your sign says welcome on the front door." Touché.

Star Parker, the president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, gave an interesting interview to the folks over at Reason.tv in which she says in order for the government to break the cycle of poverty is to get out the welfare business. She should know, because for seven years she was a recipient of welfare.

Bryan Sullivan and Sean Davidson, two managers at Domino's Pizza store in Lake City, Fla. burned down a rival Papa John's Pizza.

The rules of the road still applies. Even in Hong Kong, idiot!

Dr Conrad Murray's Houston patients are delusional -- they're so devoted to the non-certified cardiologist they are risking their lives for him. Idiots.

In a shocking turn of events, a man -- who arranged to buy a home from a man in a parking lot and gave the man a $2,000 deposit -- will never see that money again and will never move into that trailer home.

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