Friday, October 28, 2011

Week in Review: Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Hey, boys and girls. Make it a great weekend. We'll be back Monday Tuesday. Join us.

While we're away, if you have a tip about a story or something we should look into, post or get a chuckle from, please direct it here.

Here are some of the week's lowlights (and some highlights, too).
  1. A lady, with her baby in tow, had sex with a prisoner on a city bus.
  2. Speaking of boning, almost all of the teachers at one high school are sleeping with their students.
  3. This lady was arrested after she stole 26 boxes of condoms -- and a pregnancy test.
  4. Checking into hotel this weekend? Read this.
  5. Wendy's talk show was renewed for two more seasons.
  6. The Girls Scouts told a boy he couldn't join -- even if he dresses as a girl.
  7. A donkey threatened to kill the mayor of NYC and governor of the state and, oh, yes, every single police officer.
  8. A donkey pretends to be deaf and mute so he wouldn't go to jail. FAIL!
  9. Women kicked in their neighbor's apartment and stole all of her furniture, which they then moved into their apartment. FAIL!
  10. A pimp got pimp smacked by the long arm of the law.
  11. These were the other videos and news stories that had us clutching our pearls: These ones, these ones, these featuring a pimp with a "Ho Hauler", and, of course, these.
  12. And then was a song made entirely of the craziest Mike Tyson quotes.

This Halloween costume is kinda amazing.

And...the library is open, bitches! Oprah assembles divas Patti, Aretha, Fantasia, Mariah, Beyoncé, Whitney, Rihanna and Dionne Warwick for a reading session.

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