Friday, December 16, 2011

WATCH: Baby Dies After Hospital Workers Drop It After Delivery, Etta James' Doctor Says Singer is Dying, Crack Shirt

Jennifer Hernandez went to the The University of Colorado Hospital to give birth to a son on Tuesday, but during delivery, the baby fell to the floor and died. That's gonna be one fat settlement check. Even more the one this woman is gonna when nurses mailed her pictures of her dead newborn.

Gilbert Petty and his wife, Lisa Culver, say they were tied up and robbed in their Mobile, Alabama Wednesday afternoon by a man from a debt consolidation company.The couple says the man demanded $37,000 and said he'd be back in a week to collect the first installment of $10,000.

The City of Elyria, Ohio has sued an elderly couple to force them to stop feed the deer, raccoon, squirrels, birds and other animals on their property. Obviously, the DA in Elyria (which has a total of 54,533 residents) has nothing else to do.

Kenneth Dwayne Lee, 33, and April Lynn Morris, 33, broke into a home Gainesville, Georgia on Tuesday. After they gathered the items they wanted to steal, they decided to spend the night the the homeowner's bed. Stealing can be tiring.

In our continued coverage on why some people should be sterilized or forced to undergo parenting classes before they get pregnant and before they get government assistance, let's meet Mother of the Year award winner Jeanifer Segrest. The woman from Cobb County, Georgia is wanted by police for selling her 7 and 9 years old daughters to a man for weekends of sex. Police say over the three-year period, the man paid Jeanifer more than $54,000 to abuse the girls. If you see this despicable excuse for a human being -- who may have another 2-year-old child -- please call 1-800-CRIME-TV.

The NYPD is going full speed ahead with their sting operation to stem the black-market sale of stolen iPhones and iPads. Look how they caught 141 thieves.

Summon the prayer circle. Legendary singer Etta James -- who's suffering from leukemia, dementia and kidney failure and her husband and son are fighting over her money-- terminally ill and may only have weeks or days to live. This comes two weeks after a specialist said the chronic leukemia from which the 73-year-old (who's birth name is Jamesetta Hawkins) has been suffering is incurable. Here, her $30,000 a month live-in doctor, shares the bad news.

Wow! Goodwill is cheap. And by cheap we mean, they refuse to pay their disabled employees a living wage.

Did you forget how to cop your crack? Just follow the directions on your shirt.

Character is doing what's right when nobody is looking. Fresh out of jail, Alexis Ortiz found a wallet that contained credit cards and $1,000 cash. Instead of pocketing the money, Alexis tracked down the wallet's owner and gave everything back. After a stranger heard about the Alexis' good deed, he offered to give him $1,000.

What's that smell?!

How to annoy your neighbors.

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