Friday, December 2, 2011

WATCH: Black Student Given OK to Hang Confederate Flag, Lady Stabs Husband For Friending Woman on Facebook

Byron Thomas, an 18-year-old freshman at University of South Carolina at Beaufort, has caused much discussion around campus -- and the country -- after he hung a Confederate flag in his dorm room window. The flag have long been considered to be racist symbol, but, although racists have waved the flag, it's a symbol of southern heritage and represents freedom, states rights, individual responsibility, and resistance to an out of control federal government. Anywho, after students complained, the housing staff told Byron and his roommates (who're white, by the way) to take the flag down, but the university lawyers informed Byron it's his First Amendment right to display the flag and back up it went. His parents are not happy with his decision, however.

Earlier this week after a story on Santa Claus, WFLD anchor Robin Robinson said there's no Santa. As expected, the station was flooded with phone calls from angry parents and Robin was forced to apologize. This is the video of her going in on Santa. Her comments, which everyone probably says to their own kids at one point, begin around the 2:55 mark.

Grown-ass people need to stay the hell off Facebook. Case in point: Brenda Batista, 48, of Mesa, Ariz. is in jail tonight after she stabbed her husband with two 12-inch kitchen knives for friending a woman on Facebook. Her husband, however, is telling police he fell on the knives and his wife is innocent. A donkey gon' do what a donkey gon' go do.

The mother of a Boston elementary school first-grader being investigated for possible sexual harassment for hitting another boy in the groin. Mark Curran says the boy came up to him on the school bus and strangled him so he defended himself by kicking him in the nuts.

WTH! Someone walked into someone's front lawn and dug up an 8-foot Christmas tree.

Kudos to a Florida mom who turned in her badass son, 19-year-old Demetrius Vidale, for acting a fool and throwing a rock at a bus.

Beyoncé sat down with Katie Couric for ABC's 20/20 in which she squash rumors about her fake baby bump, her new production company (The Parkwood Group), and cryptically confirmed that she is, as Kelly Rowland alluded to, is having a baby girl.

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