Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WATCH: Case of the Ex, Unsuitable Parents

Irene Trujeque has been through it. Last August, her ex-boyfriend, Nelson Escobar-Carralero, cracked her skull with a pipe, then kicked her, breaking some ribs. Then doused her with two bottles of rubbing alcohol, lit on fire and left for dead. Shockingly (or not so surprisingly ) Irene took Nelson (pictured, here) back because she "fell in love with [the] bastard" until she beat her ass again last night and neighbors called police. Nelson, who hasn't been charged with assault or attempted murder -- instead he's being held on probation violations and possession of cocaine. What? For Irene's sake, we hope all this crying she's doing in this interview means she's series about kicking this low-life to the curb, but only time will tell.

35-year-old Juventino Gonzalez of Los Angeles man is facing a slew of charges (including kidnapping) for forced his estranged wife into his car and then pushed her out of the moving vehicle on a freeway Tuesday night. Juventino then jumped out of the still moving vehicle. Both suffered minor injuries and were treated at a local hospital.

Meanwhile, in Columbia, Tennessee, Eric Whitaker, 40, was tying to kill his girlfriend by running her over with a pickup truck after an argument -- and it was all caught on tape. While chasing his terrified girlfriend, Eric crashed his truck headlong through the front doors of a convenience store. After he crashed the truck into the store and his girlfriend again fled, Eric stole an SUV left running outside the store by another customer and crashed that head-on into a bread truck. Craziness. BTW: The girlfriend was unharmed, but the store owner was hit hard by the truck but walked away with only minor injuries.

This afternoon in Cleveland, 21-year-old Melissa Workman was sentenced to life in prison after her two-month-old baby was found emaciated and near death. (Melissa's boyfriend, Ricky Bruner, Sr., 33, was sentenced to 40 years in prison.)

Last weekend, 21-year-olds Justin and Brittany Alston were throwing a party at their home in Dallas while their emaciated 8-month-old baby was dying. A 17-year-old attending the "gathering" found the child and called for help. Justin and Brittany were arrested and charged with injury to a child and abandoning or endangering a child. The 8-month-old is still hospitalized in critical condition and their two other kids -- an 18-month-old and a 4-year-old child -- were taken away and placed into foster care. What they gon do now when the government assistant checks stop coming? Hmmmm.

...Then again, attending college doesn't mean you have an ounce of sense. The Sigma Phi Epsilon all male fraternity at the University of Vermont has been disowned and shuttered by its national association because of a very rapey questionnaire it issued to members. The last questions read: "If I could rape someone, who would it be?" Women's group are calling for the fraternity's head, but we think they got it wrong. We think the survey was asking the brothers which member of the frat would they get rapey with, because you know fraternities are legendary. Either way, rape is wrong.

This is pretty slick. You should watch it.

A crazy person claiming to be Jesus boarded a city bus in Branford, Connecticut and smashed a window. The man (52-year-old Mark Esposito) was taken down and arrested.

97-year-old Birdie Dash says she lost a ring her father left her at ShopRite supermarket in Philadelphia -- at least that's what she believes. The store, however, is ripping itself apart to find it.

A San Antonio, Texas woman say she working on her laptop outside her apartment building at 2am this morning when a man grabbed it and ran off. She began to give chase, but slowed her roll when he pulled a gun on her.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, a thief stole a woman's laptop while she was using it inside a coffee shop.

Nothing will close a Walmart -- not even a murder investigation. Last Saturday a man got into an argument with his wife who works inside the Walmart in Berea, South Carolina, then stabbed her to death. While police worked these scene and the victim's blood still on the ground, Walmart remained opened to shoppers.

Administrators at a high school in Lehi, Utah outed a 14-year-old boy -- for safety reasons. Hmmm, what?!

A man from Scottsdale, Arizona who locked his 14-year-old daughter in a bathroom for two months, beat her with a metal rod and deprived her of food as a form of punishment has been sentenced by a judge. Scott Bass begged the judge for leniency, but the judge threw the book at him -- sentencing the man to to 15 years in prison and lifetime probation after pleading guilty to kidnapping and child abuse.

The GOP is gonna have a field day with what John DeStefano, the mayor of New Haven, Connecticut is proposing. He says undocumented residents should be allowed to votes in municipal elections. (Mayor DeStefano says the 26th amendment, which states that US citizens have the right to vote applies only to federal elections, not local.)

A woman who hired a man to give her 15-year-old daughter piano lessons, is shocked to learn the man is a registered sex offender.

Get into this.

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