Tuesday, December 27, 2011

WATCH: Man Gave 1,000 Women HIV, Sh*t (Insert Group) Says

David Smith infected at least 1,000 women with HIV because he loved them. Last week, the 51-year-old despicable POS walked into a police station in Grand Rapids, Michigan and confessed to having had unprotected sex with "thousands" of women he met over the past three years without telling them he's HIV-positive. He told police his plan was to infect them with HIV and kill them. Right before he surrendered to police, David texted one of victims: "Turning myself into the law, my life is over," the message said. "Take care. Always love you." Is there a sentence befitting of this crime? The death penalty (which is illegal, by the way, in Michigan) would be too easy.

What's that smell? Just some raw sewage to go with your Christmas dinner.

Speaking of Christmas, Jutrina Tillman spent in jail after she tried to strangle her 5-year-old son and pressed an 8-inch butcher knife against his chest and aimed the weapon it at her 13-year-old daughter. All of this went down because the boy was playing a video game on Christmas day. But to let Jutrina tell it, she's innocent and her 13-year-old daughter is spiteful because she was caught having boning.

Crackheads are waltzing into stores across Georgia and putting syringes in pants pockets for kicks? Maybe. Ashley King said she purchased a pair of pants from an Athlete’s Foot store in Decatur, Georgia on Christmas Eve, but discovered the syringe on Tuesday while doing laundry. Ashley says she doesn't think the store's at fault and will continue to shop there, but she alerted the media. Everybody wants their 15 minutes to shine.

Tornado sirens are telling you don't get married. Run!

Stephanie Murry and Sandra Hurn are donkeys. The two ladies were charged with several felony counts after they falsely claimed to have been injured in the Aug. 13 Indiana State Fair stage rigging collapse. (Several people were killed and dozens were injured when a stage collapsed before a Sugarland performance.) Neither were even at the concert, but falsified hospital records and submitted claims totaling $22,500. Sandra was arrested when she went to pick up her check and Stephanie was arrested a short time later.

Michael Plumadore, 39, confessed to killing and dismembering the body of 9-year-old Aliahna Lemmon in Fort Wayne, Indiana last Thursday.

Remember, DO NOT attempt to seize a home via adverse possession. Don't do it.

While his wife was out of the country for a month, 43-year-old Alfredo Vargas ran their in-home daycare. Shocker! He's in jail for sexually abusing four girls. Double shocker: Despite the 26-count indictment, a judge says Alfredo can legally still run the daycare as long as no more than four children are being watched. Whhaaaaatttt?! Where the hell is this craziness happening? Lehi, Utah!

Two years after 35-year-old Colene Barker's husband left her for another woman, she ran him over with her Jeep to "teach him a lesson" and laughed at him after she ran him over. The man told police Colene is a good person and a great mother and he doesn't want to file charges. These two crazy kids.

Last-minute Christmas shoppers are not welcome at Walmart.

We don't know when or where these started, but more please!

Poor in Texas? You get free braces! You get free braces! You get free braces! Bad teeth not necessary. Who pays? Texas tax payers are shelling out $1 BILLION to orthodontics who are rich as all get out. Here's the fine print: You're wear braces for YEARS and your teeth will probably NEVER be fixed. (Note to self: Open an orthodontic practice in Texas.) This WFAA news video is long, but it will open your eyes as to how prevalent fraud is in the Medicaid system.

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