Thursday, December 15, 2011

WATCH: Perv on the Prowl, Teachers Get Stabby, 90-year-old Woman Jailed For Having Messy Yard

A 20-year-old Winthrop University college student in Rock Hill, NC says a man kidnapped her from her on-campus apartment around 2am Wednesday, forced her between two cars in a parking lot and raped her for almost 20 minutes and said "I just gave you AIDS" then ran away. What! The! Hell! (The woman told police she had gone to get something from her vehicle when she was approached by a man wearing a blacked hooded sweatshirt, dark jeans and a black skull cap. She said he pulled out a knife, put it against her side and forced her to get into her vehicle, then told her to drive to the scene of the assault. She told police she didn't fight back because she was scared for her life.)

Meanwhile, police in in Portsmouth, NH, are looking for the man who tried to kidnap a woman at gunpoint in broad daylight. The woman said she just drove into the parking lot when a man flashed a gun and told her to get back into her SUV. She offered him money, but he refused and demanded that she get back inside the vehicle. She was able to escape, as you'll see in the surveillance video, below.

What's that smell? The raw sewage flooding tenants' apartments at a housing project in East Harlem, NYC!!!

A Poughkeepsie High School has been arrested after she stabbed another teacher in the chest with a Phillips screwdriver. According to the school, the stab-ation occurred when a fight broke out between two English teachers around 10am this morning in a hallway in the school. The school spokesperson said Cynthia Glozier, 54, approached Ronnette Ricketts, 40, to ask her why she had not attended a staff meeting that had been held earlier in the morning. Ronnette said she was busy and stabbed Cynthia several times in the upper chest. She sustained wounds to her face, neck, back and upper torso; She was taken to a local hospital, where she's recovering. Ronnette is charged with second-degree assault, first-degree attempted assault, and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon; she remains jailed on $100,000 bond.

A Georgia woman shopping at Toys R Us for Chrsitmas gifts, she picked up an African-American doll for her daughter. When she brought the doll to the register, the cashier told her the black doll was $13 more than an identical doll -- which was white. The store blamed the computers for the error.

The Georgia State NAACP is calling for a federal investigation into what it's calling racially charged actions against firefighters and police officers in Coffee County, Georgia. For instance, a black firefighter said his white colleagues roped a noose around his neck during a promotion interview. Whaaaaaaaaat?!

Thats was fast. Less than 48 hours after Rene Cerrato and his wife Tanya Benavides fell through a second floor landing at their apartment building in Miami, they've lawyered up and are planning to sue their landlord.

Officials in Hall County, Georgia have been trying to get 90-year-old Charlene Coburn to clean up her property for more than 20 years. When she refused, officials took her to code and a judge ordered granny Charlene to clean up her property within 30 days -- or face 30 days in jail. She didn't and granny Charlene was arrested this week.

What will you do if you saw your 19-year-old on the news brutally beating a 65-year-old man for no reason? If you're Carol Cave, you drive his azz to the police station and hope for the best.

Carlos Kennedy is facing capital murder charges in the beating death of a woman in Mobile, Alabama. He has decided to serve has his own lawyer to "save [his] reputation." Yeah, good luck with that.

An 80-year-old woman from St. Louis is not going down without a fight. The woman, identified only as Charlotte, says a 20-year-old man knocked on her door as asked if he could rake leaves in her yard. She told him no, but a few minutes later, he kicked in her front door, pushed Charlotte out of her wheelchair and demanded cash. As the burglar began to rummage through the house, Charlotte climbed back into her wheelchair and decided to fight back. "He was going back toward the bedrooms and I was going after him, and I was hitting him in the back with my fists telling him to get out of here!" she said. A neighbor noticed something was amiss and called police.

Four 11-year-old students from Veritas Elementary School in Manteca, California are being disciplined after putting urine in a teacher's coffee cup and watching her take a gulp.

In Paris, Texas, pretty much everyone has a gun. But Chris Lewis says police officers have peppered his home, car and dog with bullets. He's even afraid to leave his home because he's afraid he'll be shot.

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