Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lesbian, Pretending to be Man, Makes Woman's Life a Living Hell When She Rebuffed Advances

If this story weren't true, it would be a scene from a movie. While estranged from her husband, Veronica Sifuentes turned to the Internet where she met a new man named "CJ." After two years of online dating, Veronica flew from El Paso, Texas to California to meet "CJ" and boy did she get a shocker. Not only were the photos "CJ" had been sending her were fake, but "CJ" is a woman. Veronica told her she's not a lesbian and therefore not interested and to have a good life. This is where it gets weird. "CJ" moved to El Paso to a house directly across the street from Veronica's and began stalking her -- even chased her down the freeway and showed up at her son's school. She continues to blow up Veronica's inbox and phone with messages begging her to continue the relationship. Last Thursday, Veronica filed a restraining order against the woman. Hopefully that'll give her a clue.

source: KFOX
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