Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WATCH: Woman Connects With Burglar's Head; 5-year-old Calls 911 For Sick Mom, Grandmother

Victoria Alexis Jones is not going to be a victim. No siree! When a man broke into her Raleigh, NC home and attempted to rob her, Victoria beat some sense into him. She grabbed a bedpost and clobbered Lucio Miranda in the head and legs and waited for police to arrive. Lucio, as you'll see from his mug shot, won't attempt to break into a black woman's home again. No sire, Bob!

Oh, my. There's a special place in hell for Richard Morris and his wife, Tranace. Cleveland police say Richard, who sold candy to kids, raped and infected at least two teenager girls with HIV. The couple held a 15-year-old runaway captive for months, hiding her in a compartment in the sofa. Richard was hellbent on keeping the girl a secret that he installed surveillance cameras outside the apartment and had a police scanner inside the apartment. During the months-long captivation, she engaged in "consensual' sex with Richard and Trance and when she became pregnant with Richards's child, she was forced to have an abortion at a clinic in Detroit. Cops are now investigating three other cases where Richard infected other girls. If convicted of all charges, they could each face at least 55 years in prison.

A 5-year-old Caleb Sims is as cute as a button and he's also a hero, too. When his mother and grandmother fell ill, Caleb flew into action and called 911. He the operator the women's ages, the address and his mother's phone number, and described their symptoms as an ambulance was dispatched. It's really good to hear of kids doing well. You know, generally we have to report on this mess.

Don't use mall dentists.

Something about this isn't adding up. Earlier this month, a 7th grader in Houston asked his teacher's permission to go to the restroom, but his repeated requests were denied. In fact, the teacher told the 12-year-old boy she hopes he pees in his pants. He took her up on that. The boy urinated in a water bottle and the school called the district attorney's office to file criminal charges, but since the boy committed no crime no charges were filed. What's this teacher's deal? There must be something else going on, because this can't be the full story, right?

Nicole Westmoreland, who's suing Cash Money Records for lots and lots of, er, cash money gave emotional testimony today about the night she was sexually assaulted at the company's record studio.

Someone auctioned off part of Rita James' house and she's none too happy.

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